Anton van der Linden

Anton van der Linden is a filmmaker born and raised in the Netherlands. Van der Linden has produced over 100 short films and video’s on a variety of media platforms, specializing in directing, editing, filming and concept creation. His work has been featured in MTV and he has worked with such artisis as Mel C, […]

Nikolai van Nunen

I focus on 3 essential parts of film making: direction, camera and editing. Often from start to finish. Sometimes work alone – sometimes i’m part of a larger crew. I feel happy either way. I love visual and substantive contrasts and always look for something that feels personal. Something that makes it interesting for a […]

Jonathan Kray

Jonathan Kray is a film and ad director with over 17 years of commercial experience. He worked as a director on television ads, films, 3d animation and full performance capture for game cinematics for Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn. Originally starting out as a designer, Jonathan directed his first short film 17 years ago and […]

Jesse Tuenter

Jesse Tuenter is a documentary filmmaker from the Netherlands. He’s is always fascinated by empty moments. People waiting in line, resting a moment on a bench. For Jesse these moments can become an entire universe on itself. He likes working in small documentary crews but does not hesitate to go bigger.

Jonathan Weyland


Jonathan Weyland is director of commercials and a welknown DOP.Weyland’s back pack always contains an Arri Alexa mini and a drone … you never know. When asked what his story is he answers: “I don’t have a story. I started to make films when I was 17, for fun, and I still do so”. Weyland […]

Reinier van Brummelen


Van Brummelen graduated from the Vrije Academie in The Hague, where he mainly attended workshops by filmmaker Frans Zwartjes. Since the mid-1980s, he has been involved as a cameraman in several short films. He has also participated in several film and television lighting projects. In 1988, he was a gaffer in Peter Greenaway’s film Conspiracy […]

Shaun Leyden


Light, composition and imagination. Due to a wealth of knowledge in all departments of TV and Film production, digital cameras and lighting I’m always keen to explore different approaches to telling a story. Open minded, creative and loads of energy and enthusiasm, I’m known for thinking outside of the box and working efficiently. Alone or […]