Sophie Olga de Jong

Sophie Olga de Jong

Sophie Olga de Jong grew up in Bergen (NH) a small village in The Netherlands. As the daughter of an Illustrator, it’s no surprise that she started drawing from an early age. She wanted to become a comic artist, but had trouble drawing the same character several times. Whilst attending art school St. Joost in […]

Clémentine Latron


Clémentine was born in France and started drawing at age two, on the walls of her bedroom. Her works include humorous illustrations for various French websites and online magazines such as Confidentielles (a female-oriented online magazine), Courrier International (French weekly newspaper) and more recently Babbel (for the French online magazine of the Language-learning app). Her […]

Jeroen Hoogaars


Jeroen Hoogaars is a film & motion director. His portfolio spans wide between music videos, motion design, fashion films and digital content.   In Jeroen’s creative output and conceptual approach he mirrors his interest in the perception of the universe, sound, movement and the unknown. With his surreal style he sways the subconsciousness of his viewer. […]