Sophie Olga de Jong

Sophie Olga de Jong

Sophie Olga de Jong grew up in Bergen (NH) a small village in The Netherlands.

As the daughter of an Illustrator, it’s no surprise that she started drawing from an early age. She wanted to become a comic artist, but had trouble drawing the same character several times.

Whilst attending art school St. Joost in Breda, she became very fond of animation, and discovered that somehow she had no problem drawing the same character 24 times for every second of film. Sophie produced her first hand-drawn film: For the Time Being (2010).

Since graduating she has been working as a freelancer on a variety of projects for TV shows, exhibitions, music video’s and animations for museums and theatre. She finished the independent short animation film ’Cycle’ (2018) together with Sytske Kok, with whom she is now developing a plan for another animated film.

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