Joeri Holsheimer

Joeri Holsheimer started out as a photographer and DP after graduating Dutch Film Academy in 2003 but soon craved for a more comprehensive grasp on the filmmaking process and decided to become a director. For the next ten years he shot mostly international TV-commercials. Joeri directed his first tv-drama in 2011. In 2012 it was time […]

Rob Becker

Penetrating portraits are the core of his work. Capturing the performing arts – ballet, theater and music – are his other forte. And you can always call him for documentary or ‘fly on the wall’ photography, whether it is a short reportage or a long-term story: his autonomous work consists of series that sometimes took […]

Ruud Smulders

Ruud is een comedian, acteur en muzikant. Dat klinkt als veel, maar het komt altijd mooi samen in zijn werk. Absurde ideeën met een doordachte uitvoering kenmerken hem. Hij produceert content voor zijn eigen kanalen, is dagelijks te zien op nederlandse TV (als huiscomeidan van talkshow De Vooravond) en wordt steevast gecast als junk of […]

Nikolai van Nunen

I focus on 3 essential parts of film making: direction, camera and editing. Often from start to finish. Sometimes work alone – sometimes i’m part of a larger crew. I feel happy either way. I love visual and substantive contrasts and always look for something that feels personal. Something that makes it interesting for a […]

Jonathan Kray

Jonathan Kray is a film and ad director with over 17 years of commercial experience. He worked as a director on television ads, films, 3d animation and full performance capture for game cinematics for Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn. Originally starting out as a designer, Jonathan directed his first short film 17 years ago and […]

Inti Calfat

Inti Calfat is a Belgian director of commercials, short films and music videos. He was born in 1981 on the Island of Margarita, Venezuela. Raised by an Argentinean father and a Belgian mother, he currently lives in the city of Brussels. After studying Arts, philosophy and Cultural Sciences at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands), […]


Goldfish studied at the Brussels filmschool RITS. Goldfish rocketed his career with the Che tennis spot, his first commercial won a the diamond award of the creative club of Belgium (CCB) and was picked up by the BBC program “funniest commercial”. He always puts a lot of creativity in his work and for that clients […]

Jesse Tuenter

Jesse Tuenter is a documentary filmmaker from the Netherlands. He’s is always fascinated by empty moments. People waiting in line, resting a moment on a bench. For Jesse these moments can become an entire universe on itself. He likes working in small documentary crews but does not hesitate to go bigger.

Sophie Olga de Jong

Sophie Olga de Jong

Sophie Olga de Jong grew up in Bergen (NH) a small village in The Netherlands. As the daughter of an Illustrator, it’s no surprise that she started drawing from an early age. She wanted to become a comic artist, but had trouble drawing the same character several times. Whilst attending art school St. Joost in […]

Koen Schobbers

Portret Koen Schobbers

Koen Schobbers is Nederlands eerste E-Sporter met een topsport status en hardwerkend Geneeskunde student. Hij heeft een passie voor gaming, e-sports & presenteren. Met elf jaar ervaring in gaming, waarvan tien als professional gamer, is hij een bekende influencer in de e-sports markt. Koen is anchorman van het programma Inside e-sports op FOX-Sports en stichtend […]