Joeri Holsheimer

Joeri Holsheimer started out as a photographer and DP after graduating Dutch Film Academy in 2003 but soon craved for a more comprehensive grasp on the filmmaking process and decided to become a director. For the next ten years he shot mostly international TV-commercials. Joeri directed his first tv-drama in 2011. In 2012 it was time […]

Jonathan Kray

Jonathan Kray is a film and ad director with over 17 years of commercial experience. He worked as a director on television ads, films, 3d animation and full performance capture for game cinematics for Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn. Originally starting out as a designer, Jonathan directed his first short film 17 years ago and […]

Inti Calfat

Inti Calfat is a Belgian director of commercials, short films and music videos. He was born in 1981 on the Island of Margarita, Venezuela. Raised by an Argentinean father and a Belgian mother, he currently lives in the city of Brussels. After studying Arts, philosophy and Cultural Sciences at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands), […]


Goldfish studied at the Brussels filmschool RITS. Goldfish rocketed his career with the Che tennis spot, his first commercial won a the diamond award of the creative club of Belgium (CCB) and was picked up by the BBC program “funniest commercial”. He always puts a lot of creativity in his work and for that clients […]

Sophie Olga de Jong

Sophie Olga de Jong

Sophie Olga de Jong grew up in Bergen (NH) a small village in The Netherlands. As the daughter of an Illustrator, it’s no surprise that she started drawing from an early age. She wanted to become a comic artist, but had trouble drawing the same character several times. Whilst attending art school St. Joost in […]

Andre van Duren


André has built himself a successful career as a director of films, commercials and television series. As a movie director for example he is known for making the Helleveeg that appeared in 2016. For this movie he wrote the scenario after a novel by A.F.T van der Heijden. “Helleveeg” was nominated for 8 awards in […]

Tim de Vries


VINCENTI don’t mean any disrespect. Ijust don’t like people barkin’orders at me. THE WOLFIf I’m curt with you, it’s becausetime is a factor. I think fast, Italk fast, and I need you guys toact fast if you want to get out ofthis. So pretty please, with sugaron top, clean the fuckin’ car. – Pulp Fiction

Tara Gautam


Tara Gautam was born in the Netherlands but at a young age traveled with her Indian father and Dutch mother around the world. She lived in India, went back to basics in Madagascar and in a war zone on the Turkish borders with Iraq. Tara studied art school in the Netherlands, film in the US […]

Erik de Bruyn


“As a movie maker I love making commercials. Because then I can work with all elements of film: great cinematography, good and passionate acting, styling, grand sound design, music and editing. In commercials we have to tell our big story with a message . And to build that message in a touching, humorous and, uplifting, […]

Martin Koolhoven


He is one of the big guys in the industry. His feature film Brimstone is breaking all records around the world. We hear Hollywood knocking at the door. But he wants to stay in Amsterdam and for that we are lucky. Because we love working with him on our own projects. Martin is with us […]