Jonathan Weyland


Jonathan Weyland is director of commercials and a welknown DOP.Weyland’s back pack always contains an Arri Alexa mini and a drone … you never know. When asked what his story is he answers: “I don’t have a story. I started to make films when I was 17, for fun, and I still do so”. Weyland […]

Niels Bourgonje


With a background in short fiction, he distinguishes himself as a storyteller with a strong eye for visuals. Driven by a huge desire to never repeat himself, Niels has directed a large variety of productions; ranging from human-driven stories to epic food and sports films. He has an unique ability to filter out a cinematic […]

Berend Boorsma


After studying fine art in Maastricht, Berend gradually went into film making and has made his mark in the creative industry. Berend was first noticed as a creative talent for his experimental work and music videos. This helped him move into commercial productions and eventually he directed commercials for brands such as MTV, Coca Cola […]

Shariff Nasr


Shariff nasr is a filmdirector with a talent for drama and comic storytelling combined with a strong feeling for aesthetics and cinematography. he’s very much aware of the modern zeitgeist and with his background as a writer and copywriter he creatively gets the best out of a concept working close with the creatives. other then that he aims […]

Luke Forsythe


Luke came to directing from a Fine Art background, breaking into commercials through the Saatchi and Saatchi Cannes showcase with work from Kessels Kramer and SWH in Amsterdam – with Artcore! Luke likes to direct simple things deadpan and realistic. “I like the viewers to feel that this could be them or a friend and […]

Manon van der Zwaai


Spent my younger years in Saudi Arabia until the family moved to the Netherlands. Enjoyed spending time with my father in the darkroom growing up. Can solve a Rubik’s Cube in two minutes, but have a bit of a neurosis about it. You can wake me up in the middle of the night for chocolate […]

Robert Jan Vos


Robbert-Jan Vos studied film directing at the school of Arts in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and University of Carbondale of South Illinois (USA). He ‘s a crossover between artist and director. That’s why he calls him self a visual storyteller. He likes the diversity in storytelling in all kind of media. He directed commercials, interactive films, […]

Suzanne Karsters


Suzanne loves to stare at people, which in daily life is considered a rude habit, but her camera makes it legit to do.

Jeroen Hoogaars


Jeroen Hoogaars is a film & motion director. His portfolio spans wide between music videos, motion design, fashion films and digital content.   In Jeroen’s creative output and conceptual approach he mirrors his interest in the perception of the universe, sound, movement and the unknown. With his surreal style he sways the subconsciousness of his viewer. […]